SDLPS download page.

Here you can download the latest version of the simulator.

We only support Win10 x64 Windows machines.

To create models graphically you need Microsoft(r) Visio 2013 or later, however you can edit directly the SDLPS file.

Intalling SDLPS

Works only on Windows 10 x64 machines. It works also on W8 and 8.1. It is needed to have Microsoft Visio(r) and vc_redist.x64, if you don’t have this, on the folder “(…)\Documents\SDLPS\Prerequisites” you will find the two needed “exe” to complete the installation.


SDLPS needs a C compiler to generate the code to execute the SDL models, and R to generate the results. The compiler and R are included also in the Prerequisites folder, and are ready to be used on your projects. In order to use them is only needed to unzip the files on the folder and select on the “SDLPS -> References” the path to be used for gcc.exe. The same for R (to analyze the results).

Modeling with SDLPS

The models can be defined graphically using Visio (we recommend to use SanDriLa plug-in, but is not needed), you can use the provided examples as templates to start working. Also the models are represented on an XML format. You can edit directly those files and define on them your models.